Josh Cochran

Some really great illustrative work by Brooklyn-based Josh Cochran. He has a ton of work in his archive, some prints for sale (below), AND his dog is named Pork Chop. Nice.

Josh Cochran

Um, awesome. Miniature mid-century modern furniture (the old ‘say that five times fast’ adage applies here). This voyages into a whole new realm of unnecessary necessities. 


Why it’s important to look at design in other countries

Even though you probably have an initial duh response to this question, I think this is a problem with a lot of us. And then there’s the entirely separate topic of designers designing things for other designers…but I won’t get into that today.

We spend too much time looking at design work produced within the US - and while there is definitely a lot of great work being created in our country (don’t worry, that is the closest I will come to any kind of patriotic speech in this post), we should be looking toward international trends and influences as well, as we in the US can often get into a circulatory mode of design, utilizing the same trends over and over again in our work and forgetting to look at what’s happening elsewhere.

Take, for example, packaging for Sun Chips in the US, compared to the latest redesign for its UK equivalent, Sunbites:

Overall the Sunbites packaging is more interesting, fresh, and it takes some unconventional risks. Why don’t we do more of that?


I am a fan of restaurant names referring to the pig specimen in various ways. Latest: The Blue Pig Tavern (via Art of the Menu). Also see the Copper Hog, one of my favorite gastropubs, in Bellingham, WA. 

The Blue Pig Tavern

Sara Wood

Some amazing illustration work from Brooklyn-based Sara Wood. You might spot some pieces on her site that you’ve already seen floating around the tubes. 

Lykke Li

Social Media Propaganda Posters by Aaron Wood

Prints available at Aaron’s etsy. War… war never changes. Especially when it’s against Facebook Farms.

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Skittles Brand Book

I just discovered an offbeat little project made by Skittles to make a brand book with mostly random and yet brand-inforcing content. Who knew they had a sense of humor?

Skittles Brand Book